My academic background


I am both an academician and a practitioner, having no borders for assisting children, youth and families the weakest and most helpless population of the nations in their lives.

I work as a Psychologist and a Pedagog with my doctoral and post-doctoral degrees from the best university Bielefeld University in Germany in my field.

I was a pre-doctor at Harvard University in the US and a research doctor at Oulu University, Finland.

I am a “Children and Youth Psychotherapist” in Training.

I have been taking care of my patients in various languages.

I am fluent in German, Finnish, Swedish, English and Turkish.

Some of my scientific achievements

Throughout my scientific and academic studies in Finland, Germany, and various European, and Latin American countries, including the United States and the Middle East, I have always been in close contact with children, teachers and families who had severe Trauma, Pedagogical and Psychological problems. Or, they had all intense socio-psychological issues or deficits. Some of them were in severe mental illness due to psychological reasons and some of them due to physical reasons. I identified the problems of their school and family relationships and developed mental treatment methods specific to them. As a result, I advanced the most progressed or the newest and the most progressive techniques and methods in the World on how to raise babies, and youth, as well as preparing education and training in the daycares and schools. As a result of the treatments I applied to children who were given a doctor’s report stating that they were retarded from birth due to the fact that their mothers used alcohol during pregnancy, I enabled them to become very successful students with normal and advanced intelligence.

I united broken families. I have united families whose family ties have been weakened or completely destroyed, and whose relationships have been broken or physically disintegrated.

I made the troubled children raised in orphanages successful and respected citizens.

I helped young people with their career choices and helped them to be superior to others in their professional success.

I completely cut off the ties of immigrant children with the countries and cultures they came from and provided their mental and sense of belonging and adaptation to their new countries and nations.

I eliminated people’s addictions to alcohol and drugs.

I have lessened the mental and psychological sufferings of dying children and youth beside their beds on their way to their deaths. I did my best beside them so that the children and young people could at least take their last breath in serenity. I eliminated the mental and psychological problems of their families before and after the losses of their loved ones. I saved lives from suicide cases.

From birth to death I was involved in each phase of the cognitive life of humans and their families and friends including their pets part of their lives in my academic studies of human beings.

I dedicated myself and my life first to babies, children and young people, then to their families, to all others in need of mental and psychological help, and actually to humanity many years ago.

My resume

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