Clinical University

The purpose

The Clinical University will accept, educate and train bachelor, master and doctoral students.

Your Clinical University will graduate your Psychologists, Pedagogs and Psychotherapists, for Children and Youth.

A German University and Students.

The Clinical University will give Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees in Psychology such as Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Health Psychology. And there will be Educational Sciences such as Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree programs. In the university clinics, there will be Psychotherapy Training.

The Clinical University will accept in-patience and outpatient services for clinic practices (for 0-21 years old).

I will prepare all curriculums and education models of the Clinical University unique to your country.

Services to be provided

Design, construction or renovation of clinical university buildings. Recruitment of university staff. Acceptance and appointment of university faculty members. Preparation and writing of University Curriculum. Furnishing university clinics and wards. Giving vocational training courses to all university personnel and initiating them to work. Initiation and management of university education and training. Ensuring patient admission and treatment.

I can set you up a university for you to raise Psychologists, Pedagogs and Children and Youth psychotherapists, and practitioners as well as heal patients.

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