My mission, with the education I have received and the experience I have gained is to accept the diversity in society as richness; and to bring the most educated and trained infants, children and youth to the nation and state with the feeling and notion of unity within the framework of national education and training programs.

I have been working for schools, hospitals and official institutions, as a professional in Bayern in Germany with a substantial international background in my practice in psychology, pedagogy and psychotherapy for children and youth.

I have developed my psychological, pedagogical and theoretical services during my doctoral and postdoctoral research phases.

In my carrier, I have been focusing and specializing to achieve success to prepare and conduct programs to raise and educate children and youth from different cultures as per the short-term and long-term planning for education and training.

I raise children with their horizons above the sky

My mission is to prepare and conduct special education programs, school curricula and psychological and pedagogical programs and practices for children and youth between the ages of 3 and 21 years in order to integrate and adapt them all into the society they live in.

And thus, my scientific activities and core programs I have prepared during my researches are specifically immigration oriented for the national education systems to assist them to raise citizens who are loyal, faithful and devoted to the constitution and the nation.

Pinar B. Güner

in my upcoming blog posts, I will explain and share my programs and thoughts throughout samples we have conducted during our research programs.

As a millennial bureaucracy state authorities should allocate time and sources to raise and maintain healthy citizens and societies integrated with the nation who are all devoted to their constitutions.

Dr. Pinar B. Güner

Immigrants and immigration have always been the main problem within the countries; however, due to the difficulties, in the implementation of the policies and the inability or even postponement of long-term immigration and immigration-related programs that the society needs, public offices had not sufficiently been able to help societies cohesion. Consequently, competent policies offered by the public service offices which had not been implemented sufficiently caused their short-term predictions to have led to long-term education and training weaknesses.

Although bureaucrats are the representatives of politicians in the state, it is natural for civil servants to defend the long-term interests of society and the state and to take administrative actions and implementations accordingly, due to the nature of their duties. The founding elements of the results of these interests are babies, children and youth, who will be the foundation of the nation and state.

Dr. Pinar B. Güner

Enjoy the happiness and the peace in the Post-New World Order!

Dr. Pinar B. Güner

München, Germany

Güner Schools Münich, Germany.
Güner Schools Münich, Germany.

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