Fees & Billing


Quarterly or annually

Clients are billed quarterly or annually for both the expenses and fees separately.

A fee invoice is issued separately aside from the expense invoice.

The total quarterly fee invoice is calculated as per the total number of baby beds or the student quota. 

Whether the baby or student quotas are full or not, a fee invoice is issued for the total baby beds or total student quota every three months.

Costs for total expenses are issued in a single invoice separately for all costs.


Varies by State.

Down Payment

Not less than three times the total monthly fee.


Clients bear all the expenses.


Clients pay a retainer equal to one (1) year of services.


All fees to be received from overseas clients are required to be tax-free.

Clients are required to pay any taxes and levies of any kind if there are any, such as Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Withholding Tax, VAT, Sales and Stamp Taxes, etc., as well.

Fees for other services

I can submit you a quote for the services you request.

Mavi Boncuk الله كريم

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