Psychological, pedagogical and clinical therapy services

Services for those in need or who want training programs to be offered or who want to become experts in these treatments are listed below.

  1. Coaching and consultation for parents of birth to 21 years.
  2. Helping cognitive capacity development from birth to 12 years.
  3. Transformative training programs for daycare, kindergarten, elementary school and high school teachers.
  4. Capacity development for daycares, kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools.
  5. Starting-up innovation market research-based vocational training programs.
  6. Integration programs for disadvantaged, migration and having refugee background children and youth.
  7. Identity, belonging and citizenship education development programs for children and youth with migration and refugee backgrounds for social cohesion in a country.
  8. Pedagogical and psychological consultation and coaching for 0-21 years old.
  9. Psychological diagnostic and therapy for between 0-21 (from September 2023 onwards).
  10. Development of early intervention and development programs for 0-6 years old children.
  11. Developing individual learning programs for elementary school to high school and beyond. Our services also include students who are in their vocational education in the first years of college and university (including 21 years of age).
  12. Intervention plans for children and youth who have experienced violence and trauma.
  13. Enhancing school motivation.
  14. Developing life plans, perspectives and aspirations for children and young people (from 12 years old until 21).
  15. Coaching parents from birth to 21 years of age.
  16. Supporting mental wellbeing of children during divorce.
  17. Developing individual plans for children and youth with disabilities.
  18. Developing individual learning plans for children and young people with learning disabilities.
  19. Supporting children with writing, reading and mathematical skills.
Dr. Pinar Burcu Güner, Finland 2017
Dr. Pinar Burcu Güner, Finland 2017

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