Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Services

Psychosocial Support

Special Education Clinics

Healing for Disorders

Retardation and Lower Intelligence

Family Orientation & Support


I provide psychosocial support to grieving children and youth. And I provide psychological support and rehabilitation services to children with post-traumatic stress disorders. I can equip and put into service Special Education Clinics. I can set up and operate Special Education Clinics for Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability Behavior Disorder, Hyperactivity and Distraction, tic, eating disorders, incontinence, aggression, anxiety disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, and pervasive developmental disorders. For behavioral retardation and lower intelligence, I am able to raise the intelligence to normal and above until the age of six in pre-school, I take great care of children, and I build a team, that is, I team up with speech therapists, special education pedagogues, occupational therapists and work in partnership. And I also train families of children and young people with developmental disorders on what to do. I treat children and young people with developmental disorders as if they were my own children and their life as my life. During adolescence, I remove the teen’s feelings of self-harm.

Psychological, pedagogical and clinical therapy services

Dr. Pinar Burcu Güner, Finland 2017
Dr. Pinar B. Güner, Finland 2017

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