Overseas services provided

I work as a freelancer and provide setting up and supporting the following services overseas at the clients’ expense here below.

Day & Night Care Services

Pinar Bébé Maisons

Psychological, pedagogical and clinical therapy services

Psychotherapy Services

Starting a Clinical University

What is unique about my work in education and training?

All education and training programs are designed as per the programs of the national education systems of my clients. Also, my programs are unique for each country. Because from the beginning and in each phase I develop the education and programs based on my own scientific methods. Schools and individual child and youth programs and plans are based on my own research and studies. As to say, nothing in my services is based on my personal opinion or copied from another country. Everything, I plan for each country is based on my qualitative and quantitative research data. However, by all means, I have been evaluating the scientific discoveries, methods and applications examined by other researchers in the fields I serve. I do this for the purpose, according to my scientific discoveries, methods and applications, to use them to the extent that it is valuable and appropriate.

Dr. Pinar B. Güner

Being beyond the contemporary civilization

Education and training should be above the level of contemporary civilization. The education system, teaching and training should be unique to the country. Adopting a successfully implemented education method or system in one country and applying it directly in another country should be an education policy that should be avoided.

It is believed, that the education and training systems and policies may be replicated just like the original and thus reproduced just like the original are all in the interests of many countries; however, each country may and should develop its own schools from the core of its own culture, traditions, language, needs, resources and interests. Because my research has concretely revealed that enhancing the quality or the modus operandi of the school education and training of the children and youth is a perceptible and vital part of building healthy and wealthy societies. The attempts ad efforts of almost every national education system in all countries are in this direction.

Adopting foreign education systems and policies that are thought to be perfect has been common conduct in many countries; however, my research and studies have revealed otherwise. That is why each country may and should develop its own schools from the core of its culture, traditions, language, needs, resources and interests to enhance the quality of school education and the national education systems.

I prefer to apply my latest findings related to education and training methods by considering each country’s own conditions to contribute to its own national interests instead of direct adopting foreign educational systems. Because every country has its own interests, culture, tradition and capacity to develop. Therefore, I would rather integrate the knowledge, experience and most important the research results of my studies into the national education systems.

Dr. Pinar B. Güner, Finland 2017

I set up nursery services for babies, and schools for children and youth, as well as provide services for people who are in need of psychological, pedagogical and clinical therapy services. I also provide services to set up a Clinical University to raise your own Psychologists, Pedagogs and Children and Youth Psychotherapists.

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